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Global Blue re-appointed as Uruguay’s Tax Free Shopping provider

Global Blue re-appointed as exclusive provider of Tax Free Shopping for Uruguay by Uruguayan Government for the next four years. The re-appointment follows four successful years of partnership, with 2016 Tax Free Shopping transactions several times higher than 2012. Global Blue also announces the launch of South America’s first VAT self-validation and refund kiosk, recently deployed at Montevideo airport.

Eysins, Switzerland, 22 February 2017 - Global Blue today announces it has been re-appointed as the exclusive provider of Uruguay’s Tax Free Shopping scheme by the Uruguayan government, for the next four years.

Continuing the successful relationship between Global Blue and the Uruguayan Government, which began in December 2012, the new agreement includes the provision of digital Tax Free Shopping services and marketing activities designed to promote Uruguay as a Shopping destination.

The agreement also includes responsibility for all software and hardware which links local retailers and Uruguayan Customs to the digital Tax Free Shopping platform.


A successful partnership

Launched in December 2012, Uruguay’s fully digital refund system – from in-store purchase to export validation at the airport – enables retailers to provide globe shoppers refund payments directly to their credit cards. Global Blue designed and built all components of the digital scheme, which over the last four years has allowed Uruguay to move to a 100% digital transaction issuing system.

The electronic refund validation system is available at 11 airports, seaports and land borders across the country, including Montevideo and Punta del Este.

During the same four year period, Global Blue was instrumental in growing Tax Free Shopping in Uruguay, with the number of annual Tax Free Shopping transactions in 2016 significantly higher than 2012. The number of merchants offering Tax Free shopping has also risen sharply, from just 100 in 2012 to over 1,200 in 2016, with the majority of these made up of fashion brands.


First digital validation kiosk opened

Global Blue’s investment in technology begins with the opening of South America’s first digital refund validation kiosk at Montevideo airport. The kiosk automates the checking and stamping Tax Free Forms, meaning validation can be completed more quickly and securely. This speeds up the VAT refund process, reduces queues in the airport and improves the refund experience for globe shoppers.


Jorge Casal, Senior Vice President, New Markets and Public Affairs at Global Blue commented: “We are delighted that the Uruguayan government has chosen to partner with Global Blue for a further four years. Since 2012 we have worked closely with the Uruguayan Authorities to develop a truly state of the art Tax Free Shopping scheme and grow the industry across the country. Over the next four years, we will continue to invest in technology that improves Tax Free Shopping in Uruguay and marketing activity that helps to promote the country as a leading shopping destination for international shoppers.”

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About Global Blue

Global Blue pioneered the concept of Tax Free Shopping 35 years ago and is now the worldwide industry leader, delivering Globe Shoppers the best shopping experience and creating value for retailers and partners through a range of products and services:

• Global Blue’s Tax Free Shopping solutions allow thousands of retailers, including most of the world’s best luxury, fast fashion and department store brands, to quickly and safely offer Globe Shoppers savings of up to 19% when shopping in 300,000 stores around the world

• Global Blue’s Dynamic Currency Conversion solutions allow merchants in 75,000 outlets around the world to offer foreign customers a simple and cost efficient way to pay in their domestic currency

• Global Blue’s SHOP is a targeted print and online media platform, enabling merchants to speak directly to Globe Shoppers and attract more international visitors through their doors

Global Blue operates in 51 countries, employing 1,800 people worldwide. From April 2015 to March 2016, Global Blue powered 30 million Tax Free Shopping and 12 million Dynamic Currency Conversion transactions. These totalled €21 billion worth of sales in store.

In addition, through the publication of over 9 million SHOP magazines and maps, and the creation of a wide range of online content, Global Blue helps its retail partners reach and engage with 30 million Globe Shoppers annually.

For more information visit corporate.globalblue.com.