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Find your perfect pillow

Visit the luxury bedding area on the fifth floor of Isetan Shinjuku for luxury pillow and bedding options, with different thread counts and materials available for the perfect night’s sleep



Explore the bedding area of Isetan Shinjuku for a wide selection of premium bedding and personalised pillows. Located on the fifth floor, the bedding area is home to a number of bedding options and also includes a specialist consultation service. The service offers expert advice on the perfect pillow to suit your sleep pattern and body shape, ensuring your head, neck and shoulders are fully supported in the correct position throughout the night. The bedding area offers pillow consultants, specialist technology, deluxe varieties, travel pillows and Japanese bedding brands, so you’re sure to find the ultimate personalised pillow for the perfect night’s sleep.

Location: bedding area, fifth floor, Isetan Shinjuku main building

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