Harrods - Through the window

Allow your imagination run wild as you gaze through the windows and loose yourself in the sumptuous world of Harrods


Tuesday, 4 November, 2014 by Natalie Wain

  • With 70 windows displays to plan and install, Harrods’ team of window dressers are constantly planning the store’s inspirational façades
  • Planning for the elaborate Christmas window displays begins up to 18 months to two years in advance
  • After months of liaising with brands and finalising budgets, production on the Christmas display begins in August…
  • …the team will then spend around 25 days installing the intricate Christmas window displays
  • The team take their inspiration from a number of sources including fashion, designers, film and theatre
  • They also take inspiration from current affairs and major events such as the royal wedding, the Olympics and anniversaries like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
  • The team is under pressure to meet discerning customers’ expectations and make the experience of coming to Harrods at Christmastime unforgettable
  • But don’t just judge a book by its cover…
  • …once you’ve had time to marvel at Harrods’ magical Christmas window displays, step inside and prepare to be amazed by Harrods this Christmas
  • At other times of the year, the 70 windows are changed every two-to-six weeks, depending on the type of display
  • The windows team works year-round to ensure customers can get a privileged glimpse of the luxurious good that await them inside