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Global Blue Advertising

Global Blue displays the best shopping information for travellers in their own language and provides them key insights on brands, flagship products, store openings as well as exciting locations they are planning to visit. With unique contributors worldwide, Global Blue is able to follow the latest in fashion and lifestyle, discerning trends that influence purchasers.

Online Advertising

Global Blue CPM Calculator

The Global Blue CPM Calculator will help to determine your online advertising campaign cpm rate, impressions and total costs


A content-lite offering which enables the support and targeting of events, tactical promotions or shopping opportunities.

Brand Wrapper

Showcase your flagship stores to Global Shoppers

Advertising Positions

Globalblue is committed to providing the latest in advertising solutions in industry standard packages and formats.

Rich Media Examples

Global Blue offers a range of Rich Media solutions that give the audience better interactions with Ads.


A tailored content offering that features specific user interaction.

Online Ad Specs

Global Blue's online advertising technical specifications for all ad units supported.